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Looking to Truckers for Gas-Saving Tips

Looking to Truckers for Gas-Saving Tips

– High gas prices affect every business, but trucking companies especially feel the hit.

As diesel prices rise, truckers spend big bucks on shipments. Companies feel reluctant to pass extra costs on to consumers, so higher gas prices tend to cut into truckers’ profits. But many shipping companies and owner-drivers are taking steps to make big-rig transportation less expensive.

The tips that truckers use can help anyone save fuel -; and money -; whether they drive an eighteen-wheeler or a Mini Cooper. The folks at North South Leasing Company (, a company that leases and sells trucks to businesses and individuals, offer these tips to drivers looking to save money on the roads:

– Don’t idle. Running your engine while your car is stopped wastes gas -; you get zero miles per gallon. Trucking companies are putting in policies to prohibit drivers from idling their trucks unless it is absolutely necessary. You should do the same.

– Maintain your car. Truckers constantly fine-tune their rigs. Likewise, car owners can improve their fuel efficiency by taking their vehicles to the shop at least four times annually, or whenever the seasons change. Making sure that filters remain unclogged and that engine components work properly can boost efficiency, so vehicles will use less fuel.

– Properly inflate your tires. Low tires reduce fuel efficiency, so make sure that your tires’ air pressure levels meet their manufacturer’s recommendations. Keeping your tires properly inflated at all times can save you well over 100 gallons of gas per year.

– Don’t drive aggressively. Aggressive behavior, like taking sharp turns and making sudden starts and stops, does not just risks lives -; it also reduces fuel economy. Try easing into stops and coasting down hills to reduce fuel usage and to reduce wear and tear on vehicle components.

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