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Reward Children’s Accomplishments with Effective Incentives

Reward Children’s Accomplishments with Effective Incentives

Celebrating a child’s milestones does wonders for building character and self-esteem, but parents aren’t always sure how to acknowledge their child’s accomplishments. Will a quick hug suffice? Or do you need to throw a party for the entire school class?
Mostly, children just want to know that their parents take an active interest in their lives — you don’t have to rent a houseboat every time a child comes home with an “A” on a test. But you don’t want to ignore a big accomplishment, either, unless you want your child to think that nothing he or she does will ever please you. Besides, commemorating an extra-special moment could help preserve fond memories for years.
For example, if your child’s 4-H project or success on the basketball team ends up in a news article, you should consider getting the article matted and framed. One company, PlaqueMakerPlus, will duplicate the newspaper or magazine article with a full-color imprint on a metal sheet, then frame the article in an elegant black frame. The frame displays a metal plaque containing your choice of text.
Whether displayed on your mantle or on your child’s wall, the framed news article will become a keepsake commemorating your child’s accomplishment — someday, you may even want to show it to your grandchildren.
You can also frame certificates or ribbons, or give your child a memory frame in which to display Scout badges. You can even purchase your own trophies to give to your children.
If the way to the heart is through the stomach, cook your child’s favorite meal or visit a favorite restaurant to celebrate a big accomplishment. You can also reward your child with more of your time. For example, you could commit a day to an activity that your child enjoys, like visiting a theme park, shopping at the mall or going on a hike. Older children and teens tend to want to celebrate with their friends. For them, a sleepover or a party at a mini golf course might be the best way to celebrate their success.

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