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Allah Ta’ala says in the beginning verses of Surah Baqara,
“That high ranked book (Qur’an) Whereof there is no place of doubt, in it there is guidance to the God fearing. Who believe without seeing, and establish prayer and spend in Our path, out of Our provided subsistence. (Surah Baqara, verse 2-3)

My Beloved Prophet sallalaho alaihe wasallam’s beloved devotees! The Holy Qur’an is guidance for the God fearing. The Qur’an also tells us the characteristics of people that are God fearing. The most important characteristic is to establish prayer. Remember that prayer is the most important worship and no matter how many claims a person makes of being pious, if he is not punctual in his prayers, he can never be a God fearing, pious friend of Allah Ta’ala. All the Prophets and all the friends of Allah that came into the world were punctual in prayers and used to invite others to do the same, as we can see from many other verses of the Qur’an. This nation has become lazy in respect to this prayer. If only the Muslim community would study the Qur’an and Hadith, they would see that establishing prayer results in great rewards from their Lord and missing prayer leads to extreme punishment. May Allah Ta’ala guide us all to establish prayer. Aameen

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